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From 0 to 60 with Django on AWS

This is a story that grew in the telling. It’s also a story of firsts; my first time using Django, first time using AWS, first time using Nginx…like I said lots of firsts. So let me start at the beginning. … Continue reading

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In Defense of the Technical Interview

Recently Techcrunch published this article, On Secretly Terrible Engineers. I’ve been thinking about it and digesting it for several days because there are somethings in it I agree with, but a lot that I don’t and I’ve been trying to … Continue reading

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Let’s Write a Macro

NB: This isn’t really aa tutorial on writing Clojure macros, it’s a description of a macro I wrote and how I went about it. If your looking for an introduction to writing Clojure macros there’s an excellent one at Clojure … Continue reading

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Clojam – A Clojure library for Google Code Jam

I put together this small library for doing Google Code Jam with Clojure and just uploaded it to Github in case anyone else might find it useful. Code Jam Code Jam is Google’s annual coding competition. It consists of a … Continue reading

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Mocking with Midje

So I was playing around with an application recently and wanted to integrate Chas Emerick‚Äôs excellent Friend authentication library. I setup a simple User service to get users, roles etc in a format that could be consumed by Friend and … Continue reading

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When it comes to web development with Clojure everything pretty much revolves around Ring and Compojure for HTTP abstraction and routing with a generous helping of Hiccup or Enlive for HTML templating plus Friend or SQL Korma or whatever else … Continue reading

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Clojurescript Links

I’ve been following Clojurescript since it was released, but have only recently started using it. Just in case you don’t know what it is, Clojurescript is a compiler for Clojure that compiles to Javascript so it can be executed in … Continue reading

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TDD in Clojure with Midje

One of the things I love about Clojure is that it has great support for writing unit tests. For starters you have clojure.test built-in to the Clojure API. The great thing about that is you don’t have any extra dependencies, … Continue reading

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Hi there. Welcome to my blog. As you can see there isn’t much here yet, but I’m planning to post here fairly regularly so that should change quickly. My plan for this blog is to use it as a sort … Continue reading

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